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Submitted 9 months ago
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1:200 Functional - Carrack Expedition

In the following pictures you can take a look at the 1:200 scale model Carrack I created. I tryed to preserve all funcitonal parts whlie making this model. This means all elements, which are movable in game are movable in the Model. You can open and close the Snub-Hangar, the Rover-Bay and even extend the Antennas. Furthermore i dont wanted to close windows and paint them. I think this takes away authenticity. All interior, which can be seen from windows in game, can also be seen in the model the same way.

To create this model I used blender. I took reference pictures in the game and with them i created the parts. The parts where created in blender and then printed with an 3D-Printer. I used mostly 0.7 mm layer hight. Because of the size of my printer i had to split the ship in parts. The segments are connected with very tight fitting wood connetors. Afterwards the parts got sanded and primed with an automotive filler. After that the whole ship was Painted setp by setp with an airbrush.

This whole project took me approx. 200hrs. of work.

As you can probably tell from the pictures the model is not fully finished but I didn’t had more time before the contest end. The final painting pass and an SMD-LED lighting for all interior and also exterior lights are in the works.

Hope you enjoy the model.
See you in the Verse.



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