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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 9 months ago
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Customized Freelancer DUR on a Search and Rescue mission

The Freelancer DUR specializes in exploration. But in the verse, we can be whatever we want or need to be. Here’s my vision of a Freelacer DUR sent to a search and resque mission after an orbital fight. The Freelancer has custom engines and unique paintjob.

Made entirely by me from plasticine, LEDs, gypsum and all sort of garbage like tiny shampoo bottles I found in my home :-) The ships lack in small details of course due to the materials I used. For some parts I also had to improvise. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this diorama. And please don’t jugde it too hard, because I’ve never done diaramas before. In fact, I haven’t worked with plasticine since my childhood and it was also my first time making a model landscape. Diorama size is 65×50cm and it weights about 9kg. It took my whole free time after work for the complete week to finish this work :-P

See you in the verse!


For the smoke, I used sintepon. I had to sacrifice a pillow for that :-(

Since I'm not a photographer and I don't own a lot of equipment, I had to improvise creating background light with my TV :P

Bullet hole. The glass was made of a cheap protective film for smartphones. It makes nice cracks when cutting it :-)

Pilot silhouette in the cockpit.

A wooden stick is the core of this ship :-)

There should be fun in any work!

The base of the diorama landscape.

Cables cables cables. 15 LEDs inside.

Landscape made of modelling gypsum. A crated made for the crashed ship.

Painting the landscape.

Crashed F7C-M Super Hornet, bullet holes and burnt ground around it.

LEDs are all woring!



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