Roberts Space Industries

Gifting FAQ

What are the restrictions on gifting packages/ships/items?

Game packages, standalone ships and other pledge store items may be gifted once. This is counted as once per item and not once per item for every account the item passes through.

In effect, once an items has been gifted it will be ‘locked’ to the account on which it has been accepted.

Items which have been purchased with store credit, either in full or in part, will never be giftable.

New accounts are not able to gift for the first 30 days.

How can I gift something?

The ‘My Hangar’ overview shows all your items. If the item is giftable you will see the ‘Gift’ option when you click on the item. Just click on the little present icon and you will be able to specify the e-mail address you wish to gift this to.

The person receiving your gift will be able to create an account at the same time as accepting your gift.

Can I gift something immediately after having purchased it?

Under normal circumstances, yes. However, after you make your first purchase there will be a 30 day ‘gifting lock-out’. During this period you will not be able to gift anything. Once this time has elapsed you can gift items freely, subject to the gifting rules.

I lent my friend a ship and now he can’t send it back. Why?

The ‘gift-once’ rule applies to the item and not to the account. As soon as a gifted item has been accepted by the receiver it is locked to that account.

I receive the message ‘Pledge too valuable to gift’. Why?

Pledges valued above $1,000 cannot be gifted and need to stay on the account that placed the order. Should you require more information please contact Customer Support.

I’ve been the victim of a fraudulent trade. Can you help?

No, we can’t. You trade on the ‘grey market’ at your own risk. CIG cannot support these transactions or render arbitration in disputes.

I have two accounts. Can I gift items to my other account, even though they appear to be not giftable? Can I merge my accounts?

No, unfortunately, accounts cannot be merged – even if the accounts are obviously yours.
The gifting of items across your own accounts is subject to the same gifting rules and therefore an item which has been gifted once cannot be traded back to any of your other accounts.

I bought my friend something with UEC and now I can’t gift it. Why?

All Voyager Direct items are never giftable nor are they refundable.