Roberts Space Industries

Orgs FAQ

What are Organizations?

Organizations on the Roberts Space Industries website are groups of site members, with their own distinctive information and looks. Each Organization has its own Name and SID (two different Orgs can have the same Name, they can be told apart by their SID : the SID is a unique string of up to 10 uppercase characters). Organizations that are created on the website are destined to perdure into the future Star Citizen environment.

Will we keep our Organizations once the game comes out?

The plan is for all player organizations to be persistent into the game’s universe once it comes out. So start building, expanding and engaging, you’re in it for the long run!

What is a Spectrum ID?

A Spectrum ID, or SID, is the unique chain of up to 10 characters that is used to identify an Organization in the Spectrum channels. Due to restrictions in the channel’s encryption, this SID must be composed solely of uppercase alphanumeric characters. Before joining an organization, be very careful that you’re not joining a doppelgänger by checking the SID!

How do I join an Org?

Only users who are backers or have a game package can become part of an Organization.

There’s actually two ways to join an Organization: either by applying through the group’s page, or by invitation from the group itself. If you find a group you’re interested in joining, you can fill out an application in their Recruitment section, which will then be reviewed by the leadership. If they like you, you’re in! (Organizations can enable or disable public recruiting.) If you’re the kind of group that wants to actively recruit, you can invite members directly. In that case, the user would receive a request that they would need to approve in order to join the organization. Keep in in mind that while players can come and go as they please, they can join only one organization at a time (for now).

I am getting spammed by organization invites. Help!

You can choose to block unwanted organization invites by toggling the option found in the settings section of the Account Overview. The Account Overview can be reached by clicking the settings option in the MY RSI drop down.

What is an Archetype?

An organization is basically what its members and administrators want it to be. We have set up 5 basic archetypes for organizations, but they are exclusively role-play elements, and have no incidence whatsoever on the system, or the future game.

  • Corporation – a for-profit business entity. A corporation is a great choice for everything from shipping flo-pets to Goss II to organizing a hostile takeover of Origin Jumpworks.
  • PMC (Private Military Company) – For organizations with a taste for combat. Focuses for PMCs include escorting cargo runs, hunting for pirates or helping the UEE take on the Vanduul.
  • Faith – Organizations that have come together for a single cause or under a single banner. This could be rebels fighting for Terran independence… or the devout followers of the LAMP!
  • Syndicate – Common interest groups for those who operate on the edges (or outside) of the law. There’s safety in numbers when you’re moving contraband through Spider or preying on hapless cargo ships.
  • Organization – Want to make your own way without any previous association? Feel free to keep with the default nondescript type!
    Again the Archetype does not have any impact on how the Organization works as an entity.

What are activities?

Activities (Exploration, Trading, Piracy, Smuggling, Defence, Resources, Transport, Scouting, Infiltration, Engineering, Freelancing and Bounty Hunting) are purely role-play elements, to help members gather around their shared interest in certain aspects of the game. They have no impact on the organization itself other than displaying the information on their front page.

What are ranks and roles?

The administrators of an Organization have the option to attribute a Rank to any member : this is purely a specific status to signify the importance that a member has earned in the organization. It can be wor with pride, but offers no specific rights.
On the other hand, an organization’s Founder can give Roles to other members, in order to delegate some of the org’s management.

A member can have any number of roles :

  • Owner can do anything, from recruiting to customization, to simply disbanding the organization.

  • Recruitment can send out invites to the org, and accept or deny applicants
  • Officer can manage the org’s members, and their roles/ranks, as well as moderating the Org’s private Chat channel.
  • Marketing can change the org’s public appearance, official texts, history, manifesto and charter.

How do I leave an organization?

You can choose to leave the org you’re in by going to the Organization section of your Profile Settings. Follow this link

How do I dissolve my organization?

To dissolve an organization click on the admin section while on the organization main page. Once in the admin area, click on settings then ownership. There you will see the option to dissolve the organization.

I dissolved my organization, but now I want it back. What can I do?

When you dissolve an organization, everything in it is pretty much lost. So there’s really no way of just putting it back up.

I transferred ownership of my organization to someone else, but now I want it back. What can I do?

The process of transferring organization ownership is irreversible and cannot be undone.

Where would I report any bugs I may find while using the organization system?

Please report any issues you may find in the Organizations / Chat area of the Test Pilot Headquarters found here: