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United Earth Credits FAQ

What are UEC?

United Earth Credits, aka “UEC” or “Imperials”, are the official currency of the Central Core Bank. Established by the United Planets of Earth in 2528, the modern UEC remains one of the shining beacons of human economic stability. For more information about the history of UEC, please read This Day in History

What are UEC used for?

Imperials can be used to purchase items that are available in the game. For the initial launch of the Hangar Module this includes a modest selection of hangar decorations, posters, weapons, and the Greycat Personal Transport Vehicle.

How can I see my UEC balance?

When you log in to your account on the website your UEC balance is listed in your MyRSI menu, and also in the Billing and Subscription section of your “My Account” console.

How do I get UEC?

Many fans who pledged during the early stages of the crowdfunding campaign have Original and Veteran Backer Rewards which contain UEC. Those UEC will be removed from that reward package and added to the UEC Ledger on your account. And of course, once the game is launched, you will be able to earn UEC through gameplay.

If you wish to purchase more UEC before that time, you can do so in the Pledge Store. UEC is available for purchase in increments of 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000 UEC. Once purchased from the Pledge Store, the corresponding amount of Imperials will be added to your UEC Ledger. These purchases can be funded with RSI Store Credit or through direct purchase.

Can I use the UEC from my game package?

No, those credits are not ready to be added to your UEC ledger at this time. They will be necessary when you start playing the full game, so they must remain untouched.

Are there limits to the amount of UEC I can obtain or stockpile?

In order to regulate the economy, the Central Core Bank has imposed restrictions on acquiring and stockpiling UEC. Each account can obtain a maximum of 25,000 UEC per 24 hour period, and can hold a maximum of 150,000 UEC on account in your ledger at any time. Buying items with UEC does reduce your ledger balance, and does not count towards the maximum UEC cap. These restrictions may be modified at the order of the CCB in the future when additional gameplay options become available.

How can I spend UEC?

With the release of the first version of the Hangar Module we are introducing the Game Store, Voyager Direct. Within Voyager Direct you will be able to purchase a number of items which can be used within the game. For the initial version of the Hangar Module this functionality is very limited, but will be expanded over time.

What can I buy with UEC?

At this time you can buy a variety of ship upgrades and decorative hangar items with UEC. These items have been selected because they will be available in this same ‘mail order’ fashion in the finished game. You can not purchase items which would not be available everywhere in the game universe, such as add on ships, or items which are not part of the Star Citizen universe, like t-shirts or game packages.

Are my hangar upgrades permanent?

Any items purchased with UEC will carry over to one of your characters in the release version of Star Citizen.

Can I gift or reclaim items purchased with UEC?

Items which are purchased with UEC are not giftable, reclaimable, or refundable. By order of the Central Core Bank, all Voyager Direct sales are final. In the future, some of these functions may be handled by the game servers themselves. This exact functionality has yet to be defined.