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Welcome to Vulture Incorporated.
Operating clandestine & universal,Vulture operates beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by every major galactic government with the task of benefiting their security, trade, and resources. We are simply but the cover of the greater divisions within Vulture.


Vulture Incorporated has spent many years working its way up the chain to be successful. We pride ourselves in our work, our allies, and our position. Our founders pushed the limits of research, power, and people. Their ideals were to be in control, to organize and keep the galactic governments strong, trusted, and within support. We have built a web of connections to keep our divisions and ourselves stocked with the best gear, ships, and wage.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
We stand strong together.
Join Us.

[End Transmission]


[Mission Statement]

As a major cooperation we are here to simply operate and cooperate with the intergalactic governments around. Uniting and binding to create the ultimate strength within the system. While Vulture is our main page we have several operating divisions within to fit your specific tastes if you wish to work with us. They are,

The MTF is a Mobile Task Force meant to deal with bounties, and contracts of that sort. They are our personal group of mercenaries stocked up and trained to be the best of the best. We pride our selves in our weaponry, uniform, and soldiers. An unstoppable force for the organizations in the highest of danger on mission, payed the highest, worked the hardest. We wish you luck in the MTF. Further detail and expectations within the division can be found on their page link below.

[Logistics Department]
The Logistics handle deliveries and supply runs at most. Often getting high pay for the amount of travelling and movement they do. Smaller MTF often are dispatched to accompany the groups depending on the importance and defense levels of the pay load. More Information is found on their page link below.

[Bereit Division]
The Bereit Division often handles our research and development and researches new travel ways for our Logistics or special new improvements to our MTF and personal security. High rank and certification is needed to join the Bereit Division however it is not hard to work your way up. Expectations are high for our members and we expect results. There is no room for error within Bereit. More Information is found on the page link below.


Vulture asks for the complete and utmost respect, and quality, out of all its members. We have worked hard to get where we are and if you are to stand with us you must be held to the same standards as anyone else. The Cooperation has only three rules.

(Do not troll. It is an automatic banishment if caught doing so.)
Be at your highest.
ABIDE by your leaders.