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In ASPIS, our love for the Star Citizen has joined us and anyone who wants to share with us the emotion that the game has to offer and live unique experiences is welcome.

We vigorously defend team spirit, co-operation and mutual assistant.

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The year 2812 was very significant for the Leir system and more specifically, for the second planet, Mya. The variables that made this date stand out, started taking form, some years back.


In 2781, Marcus Fayel the expert who was the manager of the huge project of terraforming the second planet of Leir, began to realize that Hatfield & Harding didn’t care so much about Mya and Leir system in general, but they were waiting for the completion of terraforming for no other reason, but to slowly transform Mya into an export platform of minerals to supply the systems Banshee and Garron.

While that was something that would make the Leir system thrive for many years, it would eventually deplete all the mineral veins of the system and Leir, would become a system absolutely dependant to corporations, in order for its habitats to maintain a basic level of poverty. At least that’s what Marcus thought.

The vision of Marcus

At some point during the terraforming, most probably in the year 2798, Marcus secretly began funneling the profits of his colony to private accounts of his and his close associates. That money were secretly used to create the foundations of a large group of people that all shared his vision. A vision that took form from a personal belief of his, which distinguished between pure and impure people. His vision was about making Mya a self sustained planet, and he started by cutting off all trading routes that were used to import goods from all other human planets. He strongly believed that their Planet was perfectly capable to provide everything they needed to stay alive and pure.

The workers of the terraforming project were people from all the surrounding systems, including miners, farmers, former criminals, mercenaries and even some scientists. Money was usually very good at terraforming colonies and that attracted all kinds of people. Among them was a small company of friends, a team of former traders that were involved in the past in all kinds of activities that weren’t so.. lawful.

The Valakkars

That team was held together for more than 10 years by mutual respect and trust, and almost all the members of the team started their lives at Leir III as smugglers and outlaws.
At some point they decided to give their team a name… The Valakkar’s.

The Valakkar or “Sandworm” is a species of gigantic worms living in the desert landscapes of Leir III. They are known for their predilection for destroying settlements on this planet.

When they found out about the terraforming in Leir, they decided to join in for a couple of years, after accomplishing a big smuggling job for a warlord in a distant system. That specific job, while very profitable and successfully executed, inevitably created bounties for each and every member of this small team, throughout many systems.The terraforming colony was ideal for them to lay low for as long as it was necessary.
When the members of the team heard Marcus speaking about his “vision”, all of them agreed afterwards, that this colony was soon to offer great opportunities to people with a wide area of expertise like themselves. The team told Marcus that they were interested in participating in anything that was due to happen in the near future.

Marcus soon after that, introduced them to the rest of the members of the pure society. In the following months, the small company of friends, along with many other people that shared the vision, was secretly trained in combat, and were armed with state of the art weaponry.

The war

In May of 2812 the terraformation ended, Fayel took control over the entire colony and cut off the communications to Hatfield & Harding. In his last comm, Marcus stated that the “purification” was accomplished, and his “pure” followers that he was calling Outsiders, must be separated from the rest of the society. Hatfield & Harding didn’t believe that all of those people went in Marcus side, so they hired an army of mercenaries to regain control of the planet. They hoped the workers would change sides and desert Fayel. The invasion forces landed on the planet and were ambushed by the workers of Marcus.

The first three weeks, the Outsiders were winning, but soon enough the supplies were ending and people started to question Marcus, although he was absolutely sure, that imports from other planets were not necessary. Soon after, the team decided to secretly take off in one of the supply ships that they seized from invasion forces during the war to of the colony and make a jump to Elysium, in order to trade minerals for supplies and medicines.

Some people decided to help them and the ship left the colony, followed by two other small ships for protection against pirates. After the successful return, people started to hope again. They then fought with great strength and the mercenaries that Hatfield & Harding had sent to take over the colony, were forced to retreat. Marcus was the winner of the war and Mya declared independent.

The Valakkar’s Awakening

The team continued to use large amount from the extracted minerals that Marcus was using for exports to convert them into commodities with secret supply runs to nearby systems were continued and soon the team became a large group and in short time after that, they had 3 large cargo ships and 7 small and medium combat ships for protecting their supply journeys to the surrounding systems.

Marcus found out about those supply ships that were importing medicine and food every week to the colony and he gave orders to his remaining loyal people to arrest everyone, that evolved to these supply runs. His order was executed and everyone that participated was thrown into cells. Marcus knew that the supplies were needed badly after the war for the people to recover and since he didn’t want to lose more people, he let the people use the remaining supplies.

When people realized that those supplies not only saved them, but it was the key for the vision to become reality, they demanded that Marcus should free the prisoners in order for the supplies to keep coming to the colony, but he denied. The workers then decided to go against the authority of Marcus and the uprising that Marcus was afraid of, became reality. Marcus and his people were greatly outnumbered and he was forced to release the prisoners. All of them sat down to figure out the terms and conditions of the future, in order to provide peace and sustainability to the colony.

Marcus wanted to keep his profile intact, in order to preserve the vision to the outside world. He agreed, to let the team keep supplying the colony, but under one condition.. they had to form an entirely new corporation based on Mya and he will have 1 member to the board.


The team that started from a small group of men, established a new corporation in the UEE, capable of providing interstellar services. Of course it was not possible for the newly founded corporation to be able to register the ships from the colony, so Marcus funded their initial fleet of ships.

ASPIS was born.. Autonomous, Self-Protected, Interstellar, Services corporation.

Today is the year 2947 and ASPIS has the manpower and a huge fleet of all kinds of ships, that can cover a great range of services, but they are always interested in recruiting new skillful pilots.
So anyone of you pilots out there who is interested in joining ASPIS… now is the time to do it!


Memorandum and Articles of Association

Article 1 — NAME

The name of the Company is Autonomous Self-Protected Interstellar Services / ASPIS.

Article 2 — OBJECTS

Trading and Resources Extraction.


The ASPIS at the moment is settled at the Stanton System.


Our flagship is an Idris K – Capital Ship type that all members can access (following the lead of the Captain).


CEO: Nearchous




Article 6 — DIPLOMACY

Diplomacy will be oriented towards the majority of the members, when we reach large numbers, votes will be held as well.

Article 7 — GOALS

7.1 The goal of the ASPIS is to develop strong relationship between the members, to play pleasantly, and of course to develop into an ORG, which will play an important role in every field of the Star Citizen.

7.2 Always to help the members who have only one starter ship certainly till the point that they manage to acquire a better level (purchase a medium ship), the stronger our members are, the stronger we are as a whole. A small profit share from ASPIS income, to support members who have only one starter ship.

7.3 To protect our members against the red ones.

7.4 The PVP part, when the game is completed, will cover the protection of members who engage in activities such as mining – gas harvesting – cargo and go further up to raids and conquest systems.

The Board


We are a casual Corporation, who love playing to have fun in our free time.

We vigorously defend team spirit, co-operation and mutual assistant.


1. Respect each other.

2. Do not hit (strike) the green ones.

3. There is no limitation on the way members play, the discipline concerns only the PVP part of the game based on volunteering.

4. No one is obliged to follow Corp teams in PVP, but if they do so, they should follow disciplinary instructions as to directions and choice of targets.

5. Everyone is the master and the Captain of his ship (and all the persons that come on board must always follow the directions and lead of the Captain).

The Board