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Roberts Space Industries

The Legion Of the Damned / HITHUST

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    Bounty Hunting

You may have seen us fallen, But our Army is rising Stronger and we are coming for the revenge We Are the Legion , We are one forever bounded by blood and from the ashes we rise . Hail Hithust


We are what Remains of a once great organization that had a great civil war within it , when one man grows to hungry with power it can become their down fall and divide their people , day by day our numbers shall rise once more and victory will be ours once more as we look towards a new era an era that we will bring to this great community of star Citizen , No Pirates Or UEE military might will stand in our way of Achieving what we have set out to do .


We seek to help to only help this Community , and rid the universe of Pestilence along the way we seek military strength, Friendships, and Prosperity.


Rules and regulations
1. No attacks on one’s race or religion nor gender.

2. Please be active in telling staff if you aren’t going to be able to make to a training or an event we ask you to do so we can have an idea who all will be showing up.

3. Please remember that this is just a game we understand we try to keep some level of seriousness while actually doing good but under any circumstances should another member be screaming at another whether over in a VC or text chat or even in a DM.

4. Be kind to others who may have a mental/physical impairment we are all citizens here in The verse from all walks of life.

5. We do wear a uniform while your on duty with us if you have a problem with that this is not the organization for you .

6. We do ask the people be active as much as they can but we also understand everyone has a personal life and star citizen is in a broken state still and maybe you need a break from the game once again if you need to please let our staff here know .

While being out in the verse please remember to represent the organization to the best of your capabilities all of us here in the staff work very hard to keep a smooth running organization going but we can’t do it without your help it is you guys the members that help make this happen once you have read this please react to it .

Staff Members
Company Commander-Northen
Council member-Subject00000
CC Preatorian-ODST