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Icarus Guard, Corp. is looking for bright young Pilots to join our ranks, to explore the galaxy, defend our space and help our allies. To build the Corp and defend it. We need pilots to crew our flag ship and to serve in the Military wing or other Icarus divisions. For more info:


Icarus Guard, Corp. was founded in 2018 from the ashes of the fallen. We grew from the former Icarus Group, just a few, in the early days, to the hundreds all over the world, After 7 years a new direction was needed for a new type of game. As Icarus Guard, Corp. grows and matures through time we have changed to fit the times but have never strayed from our founding principles.

In 2011 Icarus Elite was founded in Star Trek Online (STO), after the fall of several old fleets due to leadership that failed to place the members and the fleet as a whole, first and foremost.

Icarus Group was founded for the members, by the members, and from the members. This is what the gaming community means to us. Games for the players, groups to support the players.

In 2012 Icarus Elite began to grow faster and more powerful in STO, so we expanded to the other factions with in the game, growing our membership over 500 in a very short period of time.

In 2013 The Icarus Elite name no longer fit as we had expanded into many new games, from WOW, SWTOR, Defiance, DC Universe, E.V.E., SimCity, WarFrame, and many more games. It was decided that we needed a new name, a new look, and with that Icarus Group was born from all the bodies of the old Icarus Elite. As we made our selves known here at RSI/CIG back in early 2013 we were launching our plans for a bigger and better future then anyone could have ever thought possible.

As 2013 went on, Icarus Group had some of the largest pledges made to Star Citizen and began to run some of the largest fan run contests in gaming history with over 7,000 dollars in prizes given away as of 2014, and we plan to do more. But as a group we need to grow here and build our fleets and army’s to bring peace to our domain and war to our enemy’s. Icarus Guardian is a living group and we need new blood to help shape our coming future.

Icarus Group, Corp. was founded January of 2014 to better handle the growing ability of the Group, from Charity events to contest, and so much more that will be revealed as we get further into the years. As a Gaming group, we can only live with the help of members, and we need to grow to set our place in this great verse. Icarus Guardian, Corp. owns many ships, from the soon to be released Mustang, to the Idris frigate (of which we have quite a few) and plan to own many other ships to better support the Icarus Guardian, Corp. organization in Star Citizen.

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Icarus Group : Manifesto

We stand to grow and develop better ways to game, to have fun, and to just enjoy being apart of a group.

* Icarus will control the verse. * Icarus will shape the verse. * Icarus will grow in the verse. * Icarus is your Group.

Icarus Group will explore the Verse of Star Citizen, we will control the very nature of our game play. Icarus Group sees Star Citizen as the next step in gaming and we want and will be apart of this amazing game. Icarus Group believes in this game so much we have pledged over 750k, 500k (confirmed). We control a Massive fleet of ships but we need more ship’s more Captains, and more crew to help protect our property and help our allies in their time of need.

Icarus Group stands for the member, for the community, for the life of our members. We put our members first game second. Icarus Group believes in working towards goals that help the Group before a single member, In Icarus Group no one is above the rules, we all follow the rules and there is no Glass Ceiling, Any member can grow within the group and even reach Supreme Commander.


Temp Info – To be replaced.

Icarus Group is lead by Reuben “R’C” and a Command group, we have many years of Gaming skill and knowledge, We are a open group, we do not force or command our member;s to do anything you do not want to, We believe Life comes first and nothing changes that. Our membership spans from 18 to well nvm that but we are a adult group.