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Linux Users Group / LUG

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The Linux User Group, established to form a community of Linux Users who play Star Citizen, BDSSE. This xOrg provides a place to troubleshoot, learn from each other & test the limits of SC on Linux! It was borne from the community in the RSI forums across many threads relating to Linux.


Borne from the community on the RSI forums in multiple Linux related threads, including the people at the Unofficial Linux Thread on the old forums in the old Hardware forums, this organisation grew from a vision to unite Linux-using Star Citizen gamers; to share knowledge, skills, stories and fun.
Originally KRUSRS (net.kraken.usergroups.rhetor) was formed with this vision, but seeing as it didn’t have an immediately recognisable SID as a Linux related org, it was decided that we would move to LUG, the Linux Users’ Group.

For the latest news and information about SC on Linux, see the new Spectrum thread Unofficial Linux Thread 2.

We have an official public thread, mainly for recruiting purposes, in the Organisations subforum on Spectrum.

Click here for a piece of history – our org thread on the old forums for discussing all things LUG because there were no private org forums back then.

Here’s an interview about LUG done by Citizen Star News.

If you wanted to talk about the origin of Linux, we could probably start with Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Richard Stallman or Linus Torvalds, but hey, check it out on your Mobiglas yourself: “Linux”, “Free and open-source software” on Wikipedia.

. . .

In 2944 Linux is still widely used, owing to its open-source nature, ensuring that anyone anywhere can improve and share their improvements and allowing the end-user complete control. Having been one of the first systems in space (both for machinery, embedded systems and user laptops) and operating in military hardware, other embedded systems like mobile phones, servers, super computers, mobiglas models, etc. it has great proven reliability and an excellent track record.


Org Announcements:

If you’d like to help out with organising things and running of the org, please join and post in our Spectrum Org forum thread for this purpose.

Press – pd12
Admin – Raw_FoX
Leadership – pd12


Here at LUG, we intend to connect fellow Linux users and help each other especially with Linux related issues pertaining to Star Citizen. We may advocate Linux as a platform and organise input for the developers so that they can make the BDSSE, including for Linux users!

We welcome BSD, Mac, *nix users, etc. and all interested in Linux. Just like the platform Linux, all are welcome! As this is mainly a non-RP, out-of-universe org and a LUG, we don’t mind what other organisations our members are in. We are neutral and will not take any particular org’s side. People from different alliances and conflicting organisations are all welcome! However, we ask that you leave bad relations – be it warring orgs or personal conflicts – at the door, so we can have effective discussions. Feel free to pick them back up when you go on your way into space again.

Our views are akin to that of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and other fostering democratic constitutions – we support free speech and encourage healthy discussions, debates and questions. However, we as a typical Linux community, wish to teach the person how to fish and not give them fish, and so for simple and easy problems may tell you to Google(LMGTFY) or RTFriendlyM.

We view that all human beings have equal and inalienable human rights, and so we endeavour to treat everyone with respect as we would like to be respected.


Respect all: Be helpful, be good.
No flaming, baiting or trolling.

We ask that you leave bad relations – be it warring orgs or personal – at the door. Feel free to pick them back up when you go on your way into space again.


We support the UNN NEWS Association:

Accredited journalists can expect technical assistance and answers to inquiries about our organisation. Please note that free passage cannot be guaranteed by LUG itself, only by individual members and their respective orgs. See the history page for contact details.


Credits and Attributions:

Logo: Everything – Polymachine, Ideas – Emmel; Based on Star Citizen “star” and NASA logo (incl. fonts).
Forum Tux icon: Based on an image by Larry Ewing
Forum Signature: Composition – Emmel, Logo – (see above); with use of SC assets (Avenger)