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Welcome to the 1 Million Mile High Club. Here you will find the most exquisite R&R available in the ‘verse; so please kick back and relax to the soft glow of the aquatic lighting, resonating music, and unlimited beverage service while socializing amongst friends.


This Organization was created as a means of socialization amongst not only club owners, but people interested in visiting the various 1 Million Mile High Clubs in existence throughout the ‘verse.

With the recent update on the Million Mile High Club, the decision was made to start a new public social organization for MMHC owners and guests to join with the interest of club access. There is absolutely no requirement or expectation for affiliation, it’s simply an easy way for MMHC club owners to grant guest access to others.

If anyone is interested, feel free to apply. Lastly, any MMHC club owners wishing to join please simply state you’re an owner and whether you’d like to share your club or prefer to keep it private. Either way, all are welcome!

Feel free to check out our forum post in the Org category:

We have now surpassed 100 members! Thanks to everyone for joining. The Million Mile High Club has been published to the PTU server with the upcoming 2.1 update, but it will likely not make it to the Live server before the end of 2015. Additionally it is currently disabled on PTU, and the party system needed to invite friends and org-mates to it is not in place yet. That said, early 2016 we should ALL be able to visit an MMHC near you and I can’t wait to share what I’ve seen so far. I was able to visit the the club during the past week and it really looks incredible. This will be an excellent addition to the persistent universe for all club owners, and will be a nice intimate destination for the diverse array of socialites who have joined our humble Org.

Thanks for a wonderful 2015, and I’ll see you all in the MMHC next year!

Cheers ~Skiffy MMHC Org Administrator


This is a strictly social ORG, and has no requirements for gameplay, roleplay, etc. Everyone is welcome to join us and kick back and relax!

Any club owners who wish to join will be promoted to higher ranks. We have two tiers of club owners; * Those who wish to be a part of the ORG but still remain a private club. * Those interested in having their club available for guests to visit.


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