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Roberts Space Industries

Spurious Social Club / SPURIOUS

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Social
  • Exploration

The Spurious Social Club aims to be a small, tight knit org that is focused on the social aspects of the verse and having fun. Taking part in a wide variety of trades and completing missions of all types are the means to achieve these aims.



Formed in 2948 to be a forum for those that desire to enjoy all that the verse has to offer in good company.


The Social Club strives to create am environment where members can build each other up, forge unforgettable memories, and amazing stories of their adventures.

Execution of the Aims

The Social Club will achieve these aims by completing a wide variety of contracts, exploring unknown space, gathering resources, transporting goods and data, prospecting, repairing and refueling ships, delivering medical aid where necessary, taking part in racing competitions, and researching breakthroughs.


The Spurious Social Club will enable members to:

  • Complete a wide variety of contracts
  • Engage in profitable exploration, combat, trading, mining, repairing, refueling, medicine, data running, racing, and science
  • Forge unforgettable memories and the stories that go with them
  • Build up fellow members and support each other
  • Have fun!


Members of the Spurious Social Club shall:

  • Enjoy the verse on their own or cooperatively with their fellow club members
  • Pursue their aspirations around the verse
  • Take part in any trades of their choosing
  • Support other members and work cooperatively with them
  • Be a positive influence in the verse