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Thievery For Democratic Acquisition / TFDA

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When we come by a trader in the ‘Verse, we have a vote, do we take that poor bastard’s cargo or not ?
We usually end up with more votes than him … Democracy …

- Commander TFDA9021



The Thievery For Democratic Acquisition Syndicate was founded when two smugglers traders saw their respective ships get blown up outside of a laboratory farm while buying illegal products agricultural supplies. They quickly stopped keeping an eye on each other and turned their attention to the bastard person responsible of this.

Hiding in a storage room, they waited for the culprit to come inside where they could get some swift justice have a discussion. As he approached the trading console, he soon felt a P4-AR’s barrel on the back of his head. Our two smugglers traders then had a vote on what to do, as fervent believers in Democracy, they thought it would only be fair to include everyone present in the room, here were the results :

Take the culprit’s credits as reparation for their loss : 3 Ayes // 0 Nay
Take the culprit’s ship as they needed transportation : 3 Ayes // 0 Nay

Trying to save his life, the culprit was agreeing with the terms proposed by those with the guns, but other ideas started to be shared :

Spray paint his helmet and make him run : 2 Ayes // 1 Nay
Duct tape him to the automatic door : 2 Ayes // 1 Nay
Tie him to the ship by a leg and take off : 1 Aye // 2 Nays

That last one was thrown in the heat of the moment and was probably a little bit too much, the important thing is that it didn’t pass, proving that Democracy works like a charm. Our two smugglers traders soon took off and started to conduct their business together instead of on their own. They then created the TFDA Syndicate to make it official.

Executing the culprit for being a Marauder : 2 Ayes // 1 Nay




Our syndicate is a robinhood-like association of freelancers, except that we keep what we take.

Interested in having a reputation that travels in the ‘Verse, to kill and to be feared ? Move along, you don’t belong here. We take a more subtle approch to our business and don’t aim for blood.

We will coerce, steal, blackmail, and kill to defend ourselves if necessary, but as some people will call us criminals or outlaws, nobody will ever have a reason to call us murderers. Respect and Honor shall always remain a priority of ours in any encounter of the sort.

We solemnly swear to abide by the pinciples and values of the Pirates’s Code, as layed down in our Charter, we share Captain-Kidd’s vision and shall never stray away from the Code.




The Piracy Code by Captain-Kidd

The Three Oaths of Piracy

Article I. Our word is our Reputation
We recognize that it is in our best interest to keep our word with one another, with our suppliers, vendors, clients and even neutral renegade factions. Our bond is to maintain our reputation as lawless yet trusted allies with all those we conduct business with or partner with.

Article II. We kill only when Necessary
Random acts of griefing, killing or harassment are disapproved. We pledge to be good sports while executing our bad deeds. Disablement rather than destruction of valuable assets is our preference, unless our surrender terms are not met. Killing is acceptable only if fired upon first or during times of war.

Article III. Bad deeds with Honor
Disagreements are inevitable, but disrespect is not. We pledge to behave with good sportsmanship and manners, to resolve our differences straight up and respectfully, rather than gossiping or back-stabbing, no matter the severity.

Approved Renegade Behaviors

In accordance with the Code, here is the list of compatible type of characters with our principles and values.
Anyone behaving as such will be considered as potential Business Partners.

Those who operate with stealth and deal with both sides of the law. Neutral parties seeking profit and working the line that divides lawful and unlawful activities.

Those whose criminal actions are not limited to thievery but may also include black marketing, racketeering, drug dealing, smuggling and other nefarious profit-making activities.

Those who value profit over bloodlust and offer targets a chance to surrender. Killing is acceptable only if fired upon first or during times of war.

Disapproved Renegade Behaviors

In accordance with the Code, here is the list of incompatible type of characters with our principles and values.
Anyone behaving as such will not be considered as potential Business Partners.

Those who kill on sight without warning or good reason and with no offer of surrender, possibly for purposes of reputation or notoriety, or simple bloodlust and sadistic enjoyment.

Those who derive pleasure from harassing players for no other reason than inflicting pain and suffering. Includes both physical and psychological ones.