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The Syndicate / THESHIELD

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Your personal and asset security is assured and your peace of mind is guaranteed.


Founded in 2545, at the height of the Tevarin war, by a small group of dedicated, skilled military veterans and physical security professionals, “The Syndicate” began operating quietly, providing physical security operators and site hardening/defense solutions to corporations and political bodies. Eventually, we were invited to augment U.E.E. military forces as redundant force multipliers on select operations. The Tevarin war made the need for the focused security services apparent to the inhabitants of the entire solar system. A brave few stepped forward to fill the void and help.

After the war, The Syndicate augmented their site hardening solutions with additional physical security services e.g., providing physical security for high profile celebrities, politicians, judges, etc.

The current operations model for The Syndicate incorporates a wide variety of tangible asset, personal and digital security solutions across the known systems. Operating quietly, the phrase “ghost defenders” has been used time and again to describe our agency due to the covert nature of our everyday operations methods and tempo. The command cadre here understands the value of information security, and how to employ both overt and covert methods of information dissemination to achieve a goal.

At present, the security solutions provided by The Syndicate, employing our proprietary methods and tactics, typically result without conflict. The public never knows we were involved.


The Syndicate provides absolute security for our clients of their person(s), tangible assets, digital assets, facilities, equipment, critical infrastructure, et al. using classified, proprietary methods.

We strive, on every mission or assignment, to achieve this goal without conflict whenever possible and with overwhelming, military skill and surgical elimination of threats when necessary.


The Command Cadre of The Syndicate has been charged with the following responsibilities via an agreement with the U.E.E. navy:

  • To provide absolute physical and digital security when called upon
  • To otherwise conduct themselves at all times in a manner befitting a representative of the U.E.E.
  • To conduct their operations with a minimal loss of life whenever possible
  • To bring to bear their combined military skill and to use force only when forced to defend themselves or another