Community Subscribers

Support Star Citizen's community

Get exclusive rewards every month

Two levels of subscriptions are available:

  • Centurion

    Centurion is the entry level and gives access to the basic subscription rewards.

    Starting at:
    $10.00 USD
  • Imperator Prime

    Imperator is the top level available and the best way to get exclusive Star Citizen goodies.

    Starting at:
    $20.00 USD
Centurion Imperator Prime
Exclusive access to Jump Point

Access to Jump Point

With your subscription, gain access to our official monthly digital magazine Jump Point!

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Get goodies every month

Monthly Hangar Flair

Get new subscriber-exclusive decorations for your hangar every month, distributed the second Friday of every month!

1x 2x

Access to the subscriber's den

As a subscriber you are granted entry an exclusive forum and chatroom to talk with other subscribers!

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Unlock the vault

Access to the vault

The Vault is a collection of Star Citizen concept and work-in-progress artwork that’s updated every Wednesday!

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Early access to purchase event tickets

Active subscribers will get a head-start on being able to buy tickets for upcoming Star Citizen events!

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After 12 months of subscription time, you’ll be eligible for a coupon good for a one-time use in the RSI store! Coupon does not apply to physical merchandise or subscription purchases, valid for any accumulated subscription time starting in January 2015 through present.

10% 20%
Reverse the Verse

Subscriber Editions of Reverse the Verse!

The last Friday of every month we hold a special edition of RTV with special guests where only subscribers can ask the questions!

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Submit questions “10 for the chairman”

Submit questions to “10 for the chairman”

Exclusive access to submit questions for Chris Roberts’ weekly web series!

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Discounted Annual Plans & Passes

Subscribers who purchase an annual pass or plan will get 12 months of subscriber access for the price of 11 months!

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Merchandise discounts

Merchandise discounts

Subscribers are eligible for discounted and exclusive Star Citizen physical merchandise!

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Your Name in the Game!

If you subscribe for at least twelve months your name will be located somewhere in the Star Citizen world. Valid for any accumulated subscription time from 2013 to present.

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Test pilot

Test Pilot Access

When you subscribe you will receive a monthly allotment of REC to spend in the Electronic Access Store. This will allow you to rent and try out different ships.

20,000 REC 40,000 REC

Decals for your ship!

A year 4 decal for Imperators and Centurions who have 12 months of accumulated subscription time between January 2016 and February 2017.

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VIP Event Flair

VIP Event Flair

Subscribers get an exclusive variant of digital event trophies for all CIG ticketed events!

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