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Roberts Space Industries


  • Syndicate
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  • Piracy
  • Freelancing

Hi! Welcome, welcome, what can we do for you today? Looking to buy or sell? Do you need something moved, or disposed of? Maybe you got skills in these departments, look for the small Recruitment sign in the back, and we’ll take care of you.

IF you a killer and a thief, please come this way.


Following the rules set down by the people, for the people left us with a sour taste in our mouth. Now we have the means, the will and now the firepower to cut our own path in the galaxy.
From the open planes to the mega city’s, space ports and colonist outposts, we IDLE™ are set to take what we can, from whoever we decide, when we deem it fortuitous or entertaining. We are Pirate! We don’t scrimp and save. We don’t grind or trade. We fight, we take, we kill and when all that’s done…. we do it all again.


Who’s asking?


1: Honor ransoms. ( this is basic and probably the most important! )
2: Honor your corp. Do not rob, cheat, steal, mislead or (to the gain of you or any other entity other than IDLE or its Overlord)
spy, undercut or sully the name of IDLE.
3: Follow your orders when they are given. (By a ranking member)
4: Over 18’s only. (This is a must)
5: Follow the rules.